Learn Brazilian Portuguese

MyPortugueseTeacher, founded in 2009, is a global top-end provider of Brazilian Portuguese language training and intercultural solutions. Our “raison d’être” is to provide our clients worldwide with bespoke functional language capabilities and cultural understanding enabling them to compete effectively and with great advantage on a global basis. Our service offerings and expertise are uniquely aimed  to no Brazilian Portuguese speakers.



MyPortugueseTeacher has a team of experienced Portuguese teachers. We are not only Portuguese native speakers. We are graduated in Portuguese language from some of the top universities in Braszil, USP, PUC, and Mackenzie. We are highly experienced in teaching Portuguese as second language and Brazilian culture.
Meet one of our teachers for a great experience learning Brazilian Portuguese.


Kelly Cerqueira

This is Kelly, pedagogical coordinator and CEO aT MyPortugueseTeacher.

She is Post Graduated in teaching Portuguese for foreigners at USP. She teaches since 2009 and it´s now Online Portuguese Tutor and Tutor in Fortaleza.

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Keyla Dragonetti

This is Keyla. She is a highly experienced teacher with over 10 years experience. She has a Master in teaching Portuguese as a foreign language from PUC.


Victor Colombo

He´s Victor, our portuguese tutor in São Paulo. He´s international, super didactic and highly experienced, also specialist in teaching English speakers.