Face-to-face Portuguese Lessons in São Paulo and Fortaleza

Online Portuguese Lessons Everywhere

MyPortugueseTeacher is specialized in tailored-madePortuguese training for non-Portuguese speakers.

We provide face-to-face, for foreigners based in São Paulo and Fortaleza, or virtual training on one-to -one lessons .Check our facilities: 

Don't worry about commuting

Keeping up with a busy schedule is tough business these days.

Commuting through a city like São Paulo or Fortaleza can be very hard and take too long sometimes.

We make things easier by offering on-site Portuguese lessons that can be taken at either your office, home or preferred location in São Paulo or Fortaleza.

Tailored-Made Lessons to Meet Your Needs

Bearing in mind how important technology and student participation are when it comes to developing a language learning program, Our classes are specially designed to meet each student’s needs.

Cross-Cultural Training 

My Portuguese Teacher addresses the Brazilian culture and discusses it with students, always drawing a parallel with each student’s own culture so it can be easier to see similarities and differences.



Brazilian Portuguese Courses


One-on-One training with one of our experienced native language teacher at either your office, home or preferred location.

One to one courses can be taken in São Paulo. Your course content is fully tailored to reflect your needs, situation, and activities.

Check our attendance area


Internet based live training via platforms such as Skype or Zoom.

One-to-one or group lessons with one of our native experienced Portuguese teacher

taken remotely. This is the perfect option if you are frequently travelling for business and would like regular Portuguese language training. Similarly, if you would like to start language training before you relocate.


Brazilian Portuguese Courses


Do you work in Brazil and need to speak Portuguese? Or your company has foreigner  employees and  do you want to provide them a Portuguese course?
Check how can we help you:

  • Inclusive pricing (no extra charge for travel, or  course enrolment)

  • Tutors also specialized in business

  • Experience with companies

  • Bespoke report

  • Total flexibility for each need

These are some points of our proposal. We are sure we can guarantee a great experience for your foreigner employee.


Not everyone in Brazil speaks other language but Brazilians love to meet new people.

Will you come to Brazil soon and want to communicate with locals?

It´s very helpfull to know basic, culture and language, before arriving

We can program a course to address your needs.


A full content program is developed by an experienced teacher  to help you with your certification.Celp-Bras is the only BrazilianPortuguese language certification held by INEP (National Institute for Educational Studies and Research).

Usually test happens twice a year and tests both knowledge competences, oral and writing.


MyPortugueseTeacher provides Portuguese courses with specific topics. From beginners and also for pros. For professional purposes or private.  For example, presentations and intercultural topics or also as private preparatio for your stay in Brazil